Variety Etc. X 3 Tubes Korean Body BB LeLa L-Gluta Arbutin Whitening Body BB Cream Lotion (for White Skin) Miracle of Aura Magic 170 G.

SKU: 98BB-00275

Permanently whiter when used continuously.
?Lela BB White creationism skin silky shine to stand out above the white one to my BB Body aura glowing white skin look naturally white, not orchestrated. But naturally conceal dark spots on white.
?Used to make legs look smooth. Cover mottled legs. And defects. Smoother and more natural than wearing stockings spread is not sticky. Comes with SPF 88 sunscreen that is light and not sticky. Mixture of positive and glutathione skin
?Sunscreen SPF 50 Pa+++
?Guarantee 100% Genuine Product / World Wide Shipping /Ships from and sold by Variety ETC.

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