Top Quality Exfoliating Bath Back Scrub (Made in Korea)

SKU: 98BB-00084

Individually packaged 4.3x30 inch 100% Viscose Rayon exfoliating scrub bath mitten.
?As it shrinks after soaked in water, it needs to be stretched back to tightly fit user's hand to provide the best surface tension and the rough feel idealized for exfoliating purposes.
?Made of 100% Viscose Rayon from naturally occurring fibers ideal for revitalizing skin by improved circulation; bacteria resilient and machine washable.
?Gentle scrubbing will remove dead (and dry) skin cells and clean skin pores to eliminate blackheads; the results will be immediate and last for weeks.
?Monthly usage will ensure healthy and smooth skin that is blemish and blackhead free with diminished wrinkles (due to improved collagen) and handles on both sides allow easy back scrubbing

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