Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream

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SKU: 98BB-00403

Contains Polynesia Lagoon Water
?Korea's no.1 watery cream well known for reasonable price and better quality compared to expensive cosmetics brands products
?For dry type skin
?Made in Korea

example M.
I have super dry skin and Korean face creams are the only kind I use. They leave my face hydrated without looking greasy, unlike American brands I've tried like Aveeno and Olay. I have never tried Nature Republic products but figured I'd give them a try since 1, EXO advertises for them and I'm a sucker for anything they sell, and 2, the price for a jar of this stuff was less than ten bucks (on ebay). I absolutely love it! This is a gel-type cream, if that makes any sense. It's lightweight, smooth, and a beautiful shade of baby pink. It has a TON of ingredients, which would normally turn me off, but around 90% of them are natural plant extracts. It comes with a spatula, but honestly, it spreads so well and you need so little of this product that 80 mLs would literally last me 3 years. I threw the spatula in a drawer and bought an airless pump bottle instead. After transferring 50 mLs of this cream into one large bottle, I find I only need one pump for my whole face. The original jar still sits on my shelf with 30 mLs still inside it. It smells lightly floral and sinks right into my skin. Nature Republic proves yet again that most skin care companies are ripping us off. Biotherm, Elisha Coy, Shiseido, etc. have products similar to this but sell them at over twice the price, and they have less natural ingredients. Many competitor's products even have harmful ingredients like parabens and denatured alcohol. For the price, you absolutely can't go wrong with this Super Aqua Max! Two people can even use one jar and it will still last for months. Give it a try!
Laura L.
I love this smells very good... I have used two jars of the turquoise color jar for combination skin which I have dry skin but it was perfect for me... This pink jar is for dry skin and wanted to try it... I'm pleased with the smell however I love the turquoise smell better ... Wanted to try this one
Grace M.
I have to say that even though this cream does not in any way break me out (which is saying a lot), the fact that it is targeted towards people with particularly dry skin is a little misleading, in my opinion. Even though I am very breakout-prone, I also have a very dry surface (due to topical antibiotic application every day), and need a very hydrating moisturizer to combat flaking. This product, unfortunately wasn't able to give me that hydration, and after applying it, my skin felt tight and started to flake in areas about 4 hours later. It is a gel consistency, which typically doesn't work very well for skin as dry as mine (with the exception of Dior's moisture gel), so it's kind of my fault for trying a gel-like product in the first place. I DO however think it would work wonderfully for a normal skin type, and if you are a little less dry than me and use it with an oil of some kind (like 100% argan oil or rose oil), it would most likely give you enough hydration and nice little glow. I would say that it's not great for very dry skin, but would probably be excellent for any other skin type.
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