REGENERATIVE NANOFIBER MASK Wrinkle Treatment Functional Ampoule Mask 4 pcs Set

SKU: 98MA-00597

Nanofiber sheet's wide surface area has excellent moisture retention features. 25ml x 4 pcs as a set, for all skin types. Authentic South Korea cosmetics product.
?A bottle of rich ampoule fills just one mask pouch for intense special treatment care.
?Regeneration Nanofiber mask sheet revitalizes your facial skin into fresh and energetic skin.
?Nanofiber mask sheet is an effective solution to quickly calm and soothen sensitive skin.
?3M Nanofiber, which has a fiber diamer of 0.1~0.5 micrometer, is a productd developed by patented technology from 3M. With Arztin's special care, only the mask's backside has nanofiber coating. Feel the delicate effects with exact using methods.

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