Natural KoreanCypress BodyShower 300ml ¡Ú Made in KOREA

SKU: 98BB-00787

Korean Cypress Body Shower:contains ample amount of natural cypress extract water and oil(ECOCERT) produced in the clean forest located in the southern region of Korea.
?Widely-loved cypress is rich in phytoncide that is effective in eradicating germs and bacteria. The shampoo contains natural surfactant and other plant-based extracts which are all hypoallergenic. Such ingredients help improve skin conditioning , all resulting in effective prevention of dry and chapped,irritation. It provides powerful hydration
?cypress extract water from Korea:The cypress water used in the shampoo is extracted from 20-year-old leaves of the cypress trees grown in the clean forest of Korea's southern region. The 100% pure cypress water are not extracted via overheating method applied to get much amount, and so maintains fresh and unique fragrance.
?Features of Cypress Boosting immune system, relieving itchiness, boosting blood circulation, enhancing skin restoration power, boosting resilience
?Size : 55x55x200mm, Volume : 300ml

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