? Long Exfoliating Back Scrubber + FREE Exfoliating Mitt ? BEST LARGE Sisal Scrubber For Acne ? Antibacterial & Cleaner Than Loofah ? Good For Dry Brushing ? 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!

SKU: 98BB-00027

? SIMPLY THE BEST SCRUBBER COMBO FOR A CLEAN ACNE FREE BODY: Fight Body Acne with the longest all natural back scrubber that comes with a free exfoliating mitt!
??Using our exfoliator just feels great! Feel AMAZING as the 100% natural fiber exfoliating surface contours your body. Not to stiff or overly abrasive, it covers the entire face of the scrubber and is your first line of defense against unwanted Acne. You'll start using it to get clear radiant skin, and you'll keep using it because it feels SOO GOOD! Just read our reviews.
??Super easy to use, no matter who you are! No matter if you are NATURALLY PETITE, Mr. OLYMPIA or someone suffering with ARTHRITIS, you will find that the extra length and oversized handles make our scrubber super easy to use. Did we mention that it just feels great!
??Our GIFT QUALITY Exfoliator is the Largest Of Its Type On Amazon **The Huge Exfoliating Surface Dwarfs The Competition & Feels Great ** Buy Confidently With Our Better than MONEY BACK GUARANTEE** Go Check Out Our Reviews & We'll See You At The "Add To Cart" Button.
?? PERFECT FOR MEN OR WOMEN: our Extra Long Scrubber Easily Accommodates Backs of all Shapes And Sizes! No Frustrations with Scrubbers that Don't Reach or Brushes That Don't Work with The Natural Curve of The Human Back. Our oversized 4 ¨ú X 40 inch exfoliating scrubber is the LARGEST ON AMAZON and resists the flipping and twisting common with the cheap imitators, PLUS, you get a FREE BONUS facial polishing pad. Forget costly trips to the spa. You will be able to exfoliate your entire body EVERYDAY.

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