Korean Cosmetics LOTUS FRESH CLEANSING GEL Mild Pore Management 6.76 oz (200ml)

SKU: 98BB-00600

The self-cleaning ability of the lotus helps it to bloom a beautiful flower in muddy ponds. This lotus power has been applied to this Lotus Frisch cleansing gel for clear skin.
?The Lotus Complex, consisted of propolis and white willow bark extracts helps complete a clear, transparent skin tone.
?The Start of cleansing for a Healthy Skin: 1)Provides a clean skin environment with excellent purification ability. 2) Gives vitality to skin and completes a healthy skin. 3) With excellent soothing capability, it protects and relieves sensitive skin. 4) Gives firmness to sensitive skin. 5) Provides moisture to skin.
?Directions: 1) Pump the gel on dry hands. 2) Rub the gel along the skin texture for one minute. 3) Add water to your face and rub once more with the bubbles. 4) Remove the bubbles with water.

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