KOREAN COSMETICS, Gowoonsesang _Pore Tightening hydrogel mask 4P (management of the pores, hydration, elasticity)+FREE GIFT (SoftBay Mask Pack 2Sheets)[001KR]

SKU: 98MA-00956

KOREAN COSMETICS, Gowoonsesang _Pore Tightening hydrogel Mask (4 sheets, pore care, hydration, elasticity)[001KR]
Item location : Korea and we ship to worldwide
delivery time : It would take 14~28 day from Korea.
Note to the first users : If you have not used this item before, try the cosmetic with small amount on your skin. If you find any trouble with the product, please stop using and discuss with your skin expert or doctor. If you have any allergy or trouble with the ingredients of product, please do not use it. We recommend this product to the users who tried before and don't have any problem for using.

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