Facial Mask CoconutClay Facial Quenching Masque 1.7 Oz - Soak in Deep Penetrating Hydration with Organic Compounds and Phytonutrients to Instantly Awaken Damaged Skin Cells via Dermo-Layer Detoxification and Plant Stem Cell Regeneration

SKU: 98MA-00553

Radiant Exfoliation - Bentonite Clay is used in tandem with Kaolin Minerals to remove toxins and debris from deep within your outer layer of skin while Red Tea flakes gently polish skin as preparation for the youth-invoking compounds within our Fruitscription formula.
?Reversal to Revitalize - Rehabilitate the texture and appearance of your skin without irritation with the gentle restoration action of Hyaluronic Acid. This naturally-derived acid navigates deep into pores to reverse sun damage while simultaneously hydrating skin cells and strengthening elasticity for a supple, youthful complexion.
?Age Defying Plant Stem Cells - Our inclusion of four naturally-derived plant stem cells renews the external appearance of skin while remodeling the cellular structure of skin cells and collagen fibers. The result is skin that appears fresh, new and gloriously hydrated
?Pervasive Hydration - The core of skin damage is dehydration. CoconutClay thrusts deep into every pore to wrap moisturizing vitamins, nutrients and compounds at the innermost layer of skin. Cacao seed butter, shea butter and organic coconut oil inject age-defying hydration throughout your skin for perpetual moisturizing in even the driest climates.
?Antioxidant Renovation - Pure skin health is invoked and safeguarded via our potent antioxidants derived from White Oak Extract, Acai Palm Extract, Chinese Basil Extract and many others. Our invigorating blend of antioxidants seeks out to destroy free radicals responsible for premature aging, collagen degradation and harmful inflammation.

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