Egg Skin Red Clay Egg Soap (50g*2EA) (Korean original)

SKU: 98BB-00404

Laid eggs with one smooth skin pores tight which creates the egg-shaped soaps
?Cleanse the skin with large amounts of oxygen-containing capacity is excellent.
?Skin absorbs the oil and minerals to supply given the dry, oily, acne-prone skin is good for.
?Containing large amounts of lecithin and saponin is effective in the prevention of skin aging.
?[How to use] When you use soap : Use warm water bubbles out in the palm of your hand and gently massage on the face and rinse clean. When used as a bubble massage : Enough to hand out the bubbles on the whole face except the eyes and mouth stretched to plump fine rubbing until smooth and creamy feeling clean, rinse, and then slowly massage.

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