Charcoal Sponge Unique Konjac Root Exfoliating Sponge Large OVAL Facial Wash Activated Black Charcoal - Purest Form of ALL Natural Beauty Products - Great for Sensitive Oily Skin

SKU: 98BB-00088

¡Ú IMPROVE YOUR SKIN TONE! - It makes your skin brighter and healthier.
?¡Ú LONG-LASTING PERFECT SIZE AND SHAPE! - Fit consummately in your grasp and has amazing life span.
?¡Ú SAVE TIME AND MONEY!-This large sponges can clean fast and can use less your cleanser
?¡Ú SAFE TO USE! - Hypoallergenic! Eco Friendly 100% All Natural No harmful chemicals
?¡Ú HIGHEST QUALITY! AN EXCELLENT CHOICE to add to your daily skin care routine.

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