Blithe Blue Zone Marine Abalone(1ea) & Sea Cucumber(1ea)

SKU: 98MA-00915

Powerful moisture due to extracts from abalone that has abundant of musin, mineral, protein, and amino acid and hyaluronic acid and marine collagen provides moist and soft skin.
Extract from sea cucumber also known as the "Ginseng of the Sea" provides skin vivacity and calms the skin. Also, pancratium maritium provides moisture and revives dull skin into radiant skin.
Special Anti polluaging retrieved from marine material in Jeju Island : Jeju Island (UNESCO's world natural heritage)
Using only high quality, naturally-derived ingredients / Containing no synthetic preservative, fragrance or colorant
Made in korea / Weight or Volume :25g(0.88 oz.) / SIZE : 130mm x 180mm

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