Acid Ampoule Sheet Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Care: Moisturizing the Skin, Improvement in Skin, Skin Protection, Muscular Relaxation (23g + 2g/ Pack)

SKU: 98MA-01300

4 packs of Hyaluronic acid ampoule sheet mask, Hyaluronic acid moisture care: moisturizing the skin, improvement in skin, skin protection, muscular relaxation (23g + 2g/ pack)
trend your skin vitally by supply rich moisture and nutrition to tired and dried skin Natural plowshare indredient, Hyaluronic acid makes skin moistly and brightly by controling skin's fraction and moisture balance.
5-free system: Paraben, Mineral oil, Achromasia, Benzophenone, Sodium sulfate.
Directions: 1.after washing your face, arrange skin with facial toner. 2.spread the sheet mask evenly over the face. 3.leave it for 20-30 minutes and remove the mask. 4.gently pat until fully absorbed.
free!! Tracking number and sticker Thai_product, souvenir from Thai_product., High Quality & Services by Thai_product.

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