5pcs Korean NAEXY Genius 2-Steps Facial Brightening Whitening Essence Cool Down Face Mask Pack Facial Face Mask Sheet certified by KFD

SKU: 98MA-00837

Cool Down Mask Pack--Provide Immediate Skin Calming and Sebum Control all day long.
Each Mask Pack contains 1 Whitening Ampoule (3ml) + 1 Premium Cellulose Mask sheet per a pack (30ml). Double Satisfaction! Double Effects!
Conditions, deeply hydrates and provides nutrient and a beautiful glow to dry, rough, irritated skin. Whitening ampoule helps whiten and brighten dull, uneven skin tone.
Directions: Step 1: After cleasing, evenly spread One-Step Brightening/ Whitening Essence of Ampoule on the face.Cover your face with your palms to help Essence to be absorbed.
Step 2: Take a mask out, unfold it and put it on your face. Relax and leave it on the face for 15-20 minutes. Then Gently pat your face to let the left over essence to be absorbed on the face.

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