5 Packs of Facy Atelo Multi Collagen Mask Cream Gel, Collagen Peptide Type I, Iii, Iv. 2 Portions. (10 / Pack)

SKU: 98MA-01215

5 packs of Facy Atelo Multi collagen mask cream gel, collagen peptide type I, III, IV. 2 portions. (10 g/ pack)
Atelo multi collagen mask cream gel helps reviving skin moisturizer and retaining level of moisture in your skin to last longer. with atelo collagen (collagen type1, type3, and type5) and Hyaluronic acid, your skin will increase natural firmness and softness with more radiance from yest extract.
Directions: After facial wash. Towel dried and spread mask gel thick enough and leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse away. Put on your moisturizer.
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