5 Packs of Cleansing Black Clay Mask (5 G / Pack)

SKU: 98MA-00284

5 packs of cathy doll white heads cleansing black clay mask (5 g / pack)
?White heads Cleansing Black Clay Mask. Clean your nose with black clay from Japanese volcanic charcoal stone which is rich in mineral nutrients. It ensures deep cleansing by washing away unwanted oil. It also reduces inflammation. Routine use would give you the fantastic feeling of having smoother nose skin. beautifies problematic nose skin by killing off blackheads which are the root cause. Mineral water cleanses your skin, making it look silky smooth all the time.
?How to use : Make your face dry. Apply the mask on your face, avoid eyes and mouth area. Leave it till dry. Lift the mask from chin upward to forehead. If have any pain during the lifting of the mask, use warm water to wash off the mask. Recommend to use 2-3 times a week.
?free!! sticker Thai_product, souvenir from Thai_product.,High Quality & Services by Thai_product.

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