10 pcs SKIN CERAMIDE Facial Mask Sheet 25ml (10 pcs Pack), 100% Pure Cotton for Gentle and Soft Wear, Hypoallergenic Test Completed, Contains 50% of Skin Cerimide Complex, Skin Nurishment

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SKU: 98MA-01203

AHC Skin Cerimide Facial Mask Sheet 25ml x 10 pcs : Cotton Mask Sheet has Ceramide which is a natural moisturizing factor to reinforce dry skin/
Contains 50% of Skin Ceramide Complex
'Hypoallergenic Test' Completed
100% PURE COTTON Sheets which are soft and adhesive.
The PATENTED Natural Ingredients

Andrea R.
I really like this facial mask. No need to apply with your fingers like some masks. This is a actually a mask that you put on top of the face, and just kind of let the product pamper you.
Cindy W.
I love this product. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. Every time I use it, people ask me if I'm using something new on my skin. I have extremely dry skin, and I have tried every serum and cream on the market. Nothing has made my skin feel as hydrated. I will definitely be re-ordering this product, I don't want to be without it! And the science behind it backs it up. I just know how it makes my skin look and feel!
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