10 Packets of Cathy Doll Black Heads Cleansing White Clay Mask

SKU: 98MA-01331

10 packets of Cathy doll black heads cleansing white clay mask (5 g/ packet)
Super Gal black and white heads cleansing clay mask helps to peel off dirt, black and white heads all over the face. It contains charcoal that absorbs excess oil, clean and moisturizes skin, Activated charcoal is an effective material which can absorb grease, present clogging of the pores in the presence of dirt and sebum. Show off your brighter and smoothers skin after application.
Usage: after facial cleaning evenly apply mask all over the face especially black and white heads area, wait until mask dried, peel mask off in upward motion. You will see all black and white head on the black mask. When peeling mask off, If feel any hurt, you can rinse with warm water instead. Use 2-3 times a week for more effect.
Cautions: 1.Keep out of reach from children and store in a cool dark place to prevent from becoming spoiled. 2.Do not use on injury inflamed or cut skin. 3.In case of eyes contact with product, do not rub eyes. Please flush the eyes with clean water and get medical attention if irritation persists.
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