Collagen Renewal Pack 100ml (3.3 oz) Replenishes Loose Skin and Restores the Healthy & Smooth Appearance of Skin Collagen Improves Skin Elasticity A H C Korean Cosmetics

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SKU: 98MA-00924

AHC Collagen Renewal Pack 100ml (3.3 oz)
With High Nutrient Line for systematic care of loose and damaged skin, it provides firm and healthy skin from the inside with professional focused care in each step.
By intensively focusing on various skin problems regenerates damaged skin cells and strengthens firmness of loose skin.
Delivering ample amount of nutrients, it moisturizes deep inside the skin and provides dry and rough skin with moisture and softness.
Readjust the skin turnover cycle into normal through skin cell regeneration and strengthen skin protective layer to restore natural skin vitality and energy.

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