700ml Modeling Mask Powder Aloe Peel Off Mask Pack Skin Care Massage Masque

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SKU: 98MA-01228

Modeling Mask Powder:700ml
Aloe Extract is good for Skin Trouble, Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin
ALOE : Sensitive Skin & Soothing

Lucy C.
Skin feels so smooth afterwards. Easy to use.
Chang R.
Temporarily whitens your skin after. It makes your skin soft for days, and peeling it off is SO easy! My new favorite mask. You mix 2 tbsp of power to 1/12 tbsp water to get the perfect consistency. It dries out within minutes! Oh, and one suggestion- peel it while it's still moist, or it will flake EVERYWHERE.
Super G.
Girls, boys, I'm telling you, this product is soooooo gooooooooooodddddd. Even after using it, the next day my face still felt hydrated and sooo soft! I used it two times a week which I feel like I should resort to one time because it's a bit time consuming. The way you peel off the mask when you're done is not like how other people do it, one peel and all is out. I took it down by region. Forehead, left cheek, right cheek.. You get the idea. But there were edges of the mask that was really dry and stocked on my face so well that I had to scratch it out or wash it out... But other than that, this product made my face really hydrating and I feel so much brighter using it!
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