goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Liquid 150ml

SKU: 91ES-00070

goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Liquid 150ml


Charge skin with refreshing moisture densely Refreshingly moisturizing liquid.
Charge skin with the refreshing moisture of Seoraksan water.
The mineral-rich hot spring water from seoraksan Mountain fills skin with refreshing moisture.
Long-lasting moisturizing effect of mistletoe complex.
The life energy of mistletoe keeps moisture for long hours.
The liquid contains the refreshing moisture of toner, emulsion, and essence.


How to use

Use after cleansing.
As the first step in skincare routine, gently spread a small amount over face and tap lightly until absorbed.

Product info.

Brand : goodal
All Skin Type
Volume : 150 ml
Made in Korea



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